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A side dump truck (SDT) consists of a 3-axle tractor pulling a 2-axle semi-trailer. It has hydraulic rams which tilt the dump body onto its side, spilling the material to either the left or right side of the trailer. The key advantages of the side dump are that it allows rapid unloading and can carry more weight in the western United States. In addition, it is almost immune to upset (tipping over) while dumping, unlike the semi end dumps which are very prone to tipping over. It is, however, highly likely that a side dump trailer will tip over if dumping is stopped prematurely. Also, when dumping loose materials or cobble sized stone, the side dump can become stuck if the pile becomes wide enough to cover too much of the trailer's wheels. Trailers that dump at the appropriate angle (50° for example) avoid the problem of the dumped load fouling the path of the trailer wheels by dumping their loads further to the side of the truck, in some cases leaving sufficient clearance to walk between the dumped load and the trailer.

Fortunately, Tesla has also given investors a straightforward look at how demand is faring for the vehicle. In its second-quarter shareholder letter, Tesla said orders for the Model X were increasing leading up to and after the company's July 28 Model 3 handover event. Further, Tesla said that toward the end of Q2 its weekly net order rate for Model S and Model X were 15% higher than the average weekly order rate for the two vehicles during the quarter -- a trend that may have been helped by Tesla's decision to send more test-drive and display units to stores.

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