What is test equipoise

One thing that puzzled me initially is why the design for this trial was chosen. It’s a straightforward open label randomized trial comparing PLX4032 against dacarbazine that does not allow patients in the dacarbazine arm to cross over if they are receiving no benefit. Originally, the principal investigator of the current trial wanted to do a test of PLX4032 versus standard of care in only the sickest patients. If, reasoned Dr. Paul Chapman, the drug did indeed show this “Lazarus effect” in some patients, it would be justification to get it approved as rapidly as possible, even before evidence of improvements in OS were shown. On the other hand, it appears that the drug company (Roche) feared that such a trial would only provide justification for approval for PLX4032 only in that small group of the sickest patients. It wanted approval for the widest indications possible, which requires a large, phase III randomized clinical trial.

The derivatives of testosterone’s are called anabolics. This is when a testosterone is changed in a way that only keeps some of its original characteristics buts excludes others. For example a anabolic steroid could have muscle building effects but without the water retention of the original testosterone it got derived from. These variations are endless and a science on its own. We will discuss and explain every characteristic of every anabolic steroid in depth so that athletes would know what is best for them because we all have different needs.

What is test equipoise

what is test equipoise


what is test equipoisewhat is test equipoisewhat is test equipoisewhat is test equipoisewhat is test equipoise