Testosterone+boldenone+deca kuru

It is basically considered as the injectable form of methandrostanolone that does not contains CH3 group. The gains obtained from this steroid are slow, gradual and are of great quality. This steroid does not cause unnecessary water retention as well. Since low percentage of fat is also achieved, a much pumped and veiny look is achieved via using this steroid. The injectable form is mostly used and individuals tend to avoid using the propionate form as it generates major pain even after the second day of intake. Another drawback of taking the propionate is that it can cause influenza. In this condition, the individual feel very hostile such that they are unable to finish the regular training process. Boldenone not only raises the production of protein but it also escalates the level of erythropoietin. This ultimately results in the escalation of amount of red blood cells which leads towards better pumping effect while training. Glycogen and appetite level can also be raised with this practice.

i would recomend adding 500 cals to your maintainence and seeing how u go, adjust as u go along and if your not gaining fat slowly add cals, but fdont go mad, im pretty sure if u went up to 5000 clas u would gain fat pretty quick, u will gain some water, most people do but the ai will stop it being out of control, expect the first 3/4 lbs to be water in the first few weeks , after that it should be all muscle aslong as u keep the dose steady. start the AI on the day of the first jab, thats when the test is in your blood. and u dont want a build-up by leaving it a week or two

Over the last 6+ months, at my recommendation, I have had the pleasure of witnessing first-hand the effect that larger dosages of Boldenone has had on numerous individuals and without exception, everyone who engaged in this practice reported a much more pleasant cycle compared to the typical test-heavy cycles so common today, as well as a dramatic improvement in the quality of their musculature. Needless to say, by the conclusion of their cycles, Boldenone was no longer viewed a weak muscle builder, being suitable only as an “add-on”, but as a real alternative to more traditional cycles. So, the next time you consider using Bold as a part of your cycle, try to look at it from a fresh perspective…as a drug which “needs” to be utilized at higher dosages in order to experience all that it has to offer. If you do, I can promise you impressive, high-quality, water-free increases in muscle tissue, along with dramatic increases in vascularity over a 12-16 week period.

Testosterone+boldenone+deca kuru

testosterone+boldenone+deca kuru