Test eq cycle log

I have an RV setup of 2, 12V battery banks.  The first consist of 2, 12V car batteries in parallel supplying a 1000w inverter.  The second is 2 deep cycle marine 12V batteries in parallel supplying a 2000w inverter.  I use two 100w solar panels to keep both banks charged.  I recently purchased a Schumacher SE-1250 charger to start providing equalizer charges to the batteries.  I have generated a tracker for measuring each cell temp and SG during the normal charging phase (10A) and for the EQ phase (30A).  Each bank took about 12 hours to complete, 6 hours per battery.  5 hours at 10A and 1hour at 30A with readings every 30 mins for each cell. My plan is to do this quarterly to generate sufficient data to determine if I need to increase or decrease the EQ phase.

We started looking for other solutions. There were a few possible alternatives to msyslog with some nice features (. rsyslog, syslog-ng, etc), but none of them qualified. Most of them were still single threaded, syslog oriented without native support for MS Windows, in addition to awkward configuration syntax, ugly source-code and so on. So I decided that it would be easier for us on the long term to design and write nxlog from scratch instead of hacking something else. Thus nxlog was born in 2009 and has been a closed source product heavily used in several production deployments since. The source code of NXLOG Community Edition was released in November 2011.

Test eq cycle log

test eq cycle log


test eq cycle logtest eq cycle logtest eq cycle logtest eq cycle logtest eq cycle log