Test e eq var cycle

        Set oList = ("REQUEST/VAR/RRX_VAR")
        'Process each variable entry
        For n2 = 0 To - 1
            Set varNode = (n2)
            Select Case ("OPT").Item(0).nodeTypedValue
            Case ""
            Case "EQ", "GE", "GT", "LE", "LT"
                Call writeLog("VAR_NAME_" & n2 + 1, n, ("VNAM").Item(0).nodeTypedValue)
                Call writeLog("VAR_OPERATOR_" & n2 + 1, n, ("OPT").Item(0).nodeTypedValue)
                Call writeLog("VAR_SIGN_" & n2 + 1, n, ("SIGN").Item(0).nodeTypedValue)
                'if individual variable
                If ("VPARSEL").Item(0).nodeTypedValue = "P" Then
                    Call writeLog("VAR_VALUE_EXT_" & n2 + 1, n, ("LOW_EXT").Item(0).nodeTypedValue)
                    Call writeLog("VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_" & n2 + 1, n, ("LOW_EXT").Item(0).nodeTypedValue)
                End If

Solaris probes the serial ports during boot, and during this process, it toggles some handshaking lines used by dumb UPSes. As a result, particularly for simple signalling "dumb" UPSes it seems to kick it into a mode that makes the UPS think it's either in a calibration run, or some self-test mode. Since at this point we are really not communicating with the UPS, it's pretty hard to tell what happened. But it's easy to prevent this, and you should. Disconnect the UPS, and boot the system. When you get to a login prompt, log in as root. Type the following command:

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Test e eq var cycle

test e eq var cycle


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