Parasound eq 300

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I received the subwoofer yesterday. The finish is really excellent. I read the info on your site about phase, but since I have no information about my main speakers I ended up just A/Bing different adjustments until I got it where I wanted it. Only took about 20 minutes. My main speakers are Dali Grands that are about 10 years old. The ¡V3db point is 33hz. I used the 40/24 setting and the subwoofer integrates extremely well. One would be hard pressed to realize there is a subwoofer in use, at lease until I put on the Massive Attack vinyl. :-)

What about Dynaudio Audience 42. These little wonders have displaced my Definitive BP10 as my front speakers. I leave them on large speaker settings to get the most out of them. I have them on stands and use my subwoofer with them. Don’t call them bookshelf speakers. They deserve to be on stands. Polk RTiA3 please. I had the Polk RTi6. Sonically the same as RTiA3′s. Same drivers. They are nice sounding speakers but, they could not come anywhere close to my Dynaudio Audience 42′s. These are front row speakers. You feel like you are in the front row of a live performance of whatever you listen to. I have Stan Getz on Verve CD sounds like he is in my living room. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea is playing bass in my living room. They work well with all types of music. These are the first speakers that have made me realize what all the fuss is over audiophile speakers. I know now, thanks to my Dynaudio Audience 42 These retailed at $700 a pair. I found mine for $250 used on CL. They are unbelievable. I am looking to get a separate amp to get the most out of these little overachievers . If you have not heard Dynaudio speakers. Please do so, if you get the chance. You will be amazed at the quality of sound coming out of them.

Parasound eq 300

parasound eq 300


parasound eq 300parasound eq 300parasound eq 300parasound eq 300parasound eq 300