Omegon eq 300


I just received this "monster" and I am happy and excited. Thanks to astroshop providing such great machine even outside Germany. I tried amazon, but they do not send to Finland.

The telescope feels solid in most of the parts, mounting is really steady, easy to assemble, to use screws, knobs and etc.
I am still learning this "monster". I am excited to the top. I have not observed so much yet, but after assembling it I understood it makes a much bigger difference what I had before. This is not for amateur anymore. But it is also great for amateur as well if they want to dig deeper in the sky.
But we aware that this "monster" requires space and careful treatment :)

Finderscope feels a bit childish, no wonder the whole product is made in china. they like cheap cheap.
Anyway, as i said it is great product and I am more than happy that astroshop provides such delivery to Finland.

One thing outside this rating is that the local Finnish delivery companies tried to deliver it during working hours before hours to my house even not calling me or making some advance notes. I do not see any point to make such agreements with them for astroshop if there is any. Why loosing money. Just deliver to Post. Finally I picked up my items from Post anyway, just waisted time with those small companies, calling them, wondering where my items are and etc.


Best regards,

Happy Customer

Omegon eq 300

omegon eq 300


omegon eq 300omegon eq 300omegon eq 300omegon eq 300omegon eq 300