Is testosterone bad

Participants received a full blood profile at the beginning of the study and then at 4 and 8 weeks. When compared to the baseline measurements after 8 weeks, researchers found absolutely nothing of significance. Levels of testosterone and other sex hormones didn’t change significantly in men or women. Yeah, that’s kind of a bummer, but evidence showing that coffee consumption doesn’t affect hormone levels is still valuable. I’ve heard anecdotal stories that coffee consumption reduces testosterone, increases body fat, and generally causes you to kick puppies. Now we know that’s probably not the full truth.

If you’re a healthy guy in your 30s and 40s, your testosterone will be declining—but that doesn’t mean you actually need treatment. “If you go in and say, ‘Well, you know, in the past 10 years I’ve gotten more tired, I’m having trouble keeping weight off…’ that’s simply not enough—it’s a natural phenomenon!” Jacques Baillargeon, ., an epidemiologist at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, told Men’s Fitness. However, if you’re a man north of 50, and you’re having difficulty getting it up, you’re feeling depressed, and you’re generally unhappy, you should seek out TRT.

Is testosterone bad

is testosterone bad


is testosterone badis testosterone badis testosterone badis testosterone badis testosterone bad