Increase testosterone in women

Sooo… the main question is: what can you advise for me to do? Can you suggest an easy-to-keep daily schedule, or better eating habits or anything else? I want to be more confident, balanced, a better student, and much more lovely and cheerful / vivid to people, because i see this lifestyle leading to nowhere but being a minion.
I really like your articles and newsletters, so i think it is the best idea to ask it from someone who answers it by experiment and honesty, than someone that wants you to develop slow, because you pay a lot for his training advices in the gym.

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the male testes. During a boy's pubescent years (ages 9 to 14), there is an increase in production that leads to male secondary sexual characteristics such as a deeper voice, more muscle mass, facial hair growth and enlargement of the Adam's apple (among others). Some teenage boys experience these puberty changes at later ages than others. The timing of puberty is often genetically determined (through heredity), but other factors can play a role in delaying it, such as poor nutrition, physical trauma and certain diseases. Stimulating testosterone production naturally is possible in teen boys, although in rare cases hormone therapy may be needed to trigger and complete puberty.

Increase testosterone in women

increase testosterone in women


increase testosterone in womenincrease testosterone in womenincrease testosterone in womenincrease testosterone in womenincrease testosterone in women