Hormone injection side effects

The suppressed HGH production is temporary, and normal pituitary function returns slowly after the therapy is complete. The rebound impact of the supplement is another scenario to consider. When one stops using or taking in synthetic HGH hormone, he may lose what he had gained in an abrupt and sudden manner. The cessation of hormone supplementation can reverse its processes rather quickly, which can be alarming. For instance, if you had taken the HGH hormone to grow muscles — and you stopped the injections — the human body directly reacts to this situation by using the muscle tissue for energy. This takes awhile, however, and many patients claim that after six months of initial treatment, most of the benefits to the patient last for the rest of the year, and that, future treatments may only be required for three months of the year to sustain the benefits.

Breakthrough bleeding; spotting; change in menstrual flow; amenorrhea ; edema ; change in weight (increase or decrease); changes in cervical erosion and cervical secretions; cholestatic jaundice; breast tenderness and galactorrhea ; pain , irritation, and/or redness at the injection area; skin sensitivity reactions consisting of urticaria , pruritus , edema and generalized rash ; acne , alopecia and hirsutism ; rash (allergic) with and without pruritus; anaphylactoid reactions; mental depression; pyrexia; insomnia ; nausea ; and somnolence .

Because GH is very expensive, Children’s Hospital works with insurance reimbursement specialists to determine which brand will be covered under your medical insurance. Within 2 to 4 weeks after your child has been prescribed HG treatment, an insurance reimbursement specialist will call your home. It is very important that you speak with the specialist — please pick up or return the call! Your child’s prescription will not be filled until you have spoken with the reimbursement specialist. You should receive your child’s GH with 2 to 4 weeks after approval; if you haven’t heard from the reimbursement specialist after 4 weeks, call the Endocrinology Clinic.

Hormone injection side effects

hormone injection side effects


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