Holistic treatment for low testosterone

When possible, potentially harmful drugs like this are best avoided. In cases where nothing else is helping, use the lowest drug dose possible. There’s good research that holistic and natural treatments will help with this reduction. There’s a great study in people where the plant-derived dietary supplement Arthroben is very effective for exactly this purpose. If you are using NSAIDs, add an herbal intestinal protectant like liquid aloe vera, slippery elm, deglycyrhizinated licorice (DGL), etc. These all can help reduce intestinal upset and ulceration.

Chemical dependency is a complex and deadly illness with devastating effects on everyone in the addicted person’s life. Family members and close friends often experience as much confusion, anger, frustration, hurt, and guilt as the individual who directly experiences the illness. Family members often feel blamed for behaving in ways that seem natural and normal family behaviors. Feelings are often suppressed resulting in depression, anger, anxiety, and sometimes numerous physical ailments. Trust and communication are often damaged or shattered, resulting in a sense of helplessness and frustration. Family members often do not seek or receive the information, support, and guidance required for them to heal. Recovery potential for everyone may be threatened or reduced.

Complementary medicine ( CM ) or integrative medicine ( IM ) is when alternative medicine is used together with functional medical treatment, in a belief that it improves the effect of treatments. [n 7] [11] [32] [33] [34] However, significant drug interactions caused by alternative therapies may instead negatively influence treatment, making treatments less effective, notably cancer therapy . [35] [36] Both terms refer to use of alternative medical treatments alongside conventional medicine, [37] [38] [39] an example of which is use of acupuncture (sticking needles in the body to influence the flow of a supernatural energy), along with using science-based medicine, in the belief that the acupuncture increases the effectiveness or "complements" the science-based medicine. [39]

Holistic treatment for low testosterone

holistic treatment for low testosterone


holistic treatment for low testosteroneholistic treatment for low testosteroneholistic treatment for low testosteroneholistic treatment for low testosteroneholistic treatment for low testosterone