Glyceryl undecylenate msds

At concentrations higher than used in cosmetics and personal care products, Glyceryl Laurate did cause moderate erythema in human repeat insult patch studies, but the other Glyceryl Monoesters tested failed to produce any significant positive reactions. Glyceryl Rosinate was irritating to skin at 50%, but did not produce sensitization in clinical tests at concentrations up to 10% when covered with semi-occluded patches. There was reported use of Glyceryl Rosinate at 12% in mascara, which was higher than the concentration in the clinical testing. It was reasoned that the available data supported the safety of this use because there would be minimal contact with the skin and no occlusion.

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Glyceryl undecylenate msds

glyceryl undecylenate msds


glyceryl undecylenate msdsglyceryl undecylenate msdsglyceryl undecylenate msdsglyceryl undecylenate msdsglyceryl undecylenate msds