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Anne Ellison earned her doctoral degree from Northern Arizona University, and spent her career as a professor of psychology. Anne has extensive clinical and research experience studying the effects of traumatic brain injury, violence exposure and neglect and mental health disorders. She is the daughter of a Navy pilot who fought in the WWII l and the sister of a special ops Army Ranger assigned to MACV-SOG during the Vietnam War.

Anne's love of horses began when she was a teenager and continues through her work with veterans attending the Aiken SWH program. Horse Trainer - Aiken
Caroline Mulstay
Caroline is a compassionate, gifted horse trainer and accomplished Three Day Eventer whose passion is repurposing off-the-track Thoroughbreds. She has a certification in equine bodywork from Prairie Winds Equine College and runs the training and adoption program at the Aiken Equine Rescue. Involvement in Saratoga WarHorse compliments her work with the Aiken Equine Rescue horses and was the obvious next step in her career. Caroline's instructional training and coaching style emphasizes safety and fun in a stair-step format that is easy to follow and practice, and which crosses over into every discipline

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Goethe’s way of reading was neither that of the scholar seeking out arguments to analyze nor that of the historian curious about the ideas of the great minds. No disciple of any particular philosopher or system, he instead borrows in a syncretic way from a number of different and even opposing thought systems in the construction of his Weltanschauung . And whenever particular subjects could not be put to practical use, Goethe’s attention quickly moved on. In a rather telling recollection, Goethe characterizes his philosophy lectures thusly, “At first I attended my lectures assiduously and faithfully, but the philosophy would not enlighten me at all. In logic it seemed strange to me that I had so to tear asunder, isolate, and, as it were, destroy, those operations of the mind which I had performed with the greatest ease from my youth upwards, and this in order to see into the right use of them. Of the thing itself, of the world, and of God, I thought I knew about as much as the professor himself; and, in more places than one, the affair seemed to me to come into a tremendous strait. Yet all went on in tolerable order till towards Shrovetide, when, in the neighborhood of Professor Winkler's house on the Thomas Place, the most delicious fritters came hot out of the pan just at the hour of lecture,” (Goethe 1902, 205). Philosophy apparently held just slightly less interest than good pastry. Notwithstanding this estimation, indelible philosophical influences are nevertheless discernible.

Equipoise color

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