Eq pottery to 300

Overstock is one of the easiest ones to get. I got the pop up as I was entering my debit card number but got a really low starting SL at $250. That was 6 mo ago when my scores were in the low 600’s. I recommend waiting for the cards you really want. Now, all of my SCT approvals are $700-$1500. If it’s a card that you dont see yourself using much or spending very much at once, go for it. Wait a few months for the cards you really want/need so that you get a higher SL. I was wondering why some people were getting approvals for thousands of dollars for Overstock and Wayfair and mine were so low. I’ve now had Overstock for 6 months I will request a CLI in early September and see what happens. Most Comenity cards will generally consider an increase after 9 months. I was approved for an Express via SCT in December 2016. My Express received a $270 auto-increase this month. From $500 to $770 so increases are possible before the 9 month period. I received e-mails from several of my Comenity cards asking me to update my income in April 2016. I assume this is a result of my updating this one. Though, it’s the only one I responded to. I pay $10 over the minimum each month because I’ve had to use it for gift purchases and I cant afford to PIF.

Eq pottery to 300

eq pottery to 300


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