Eq cycle review

The present study comprehensively reviews exergetic analysis and performance evaluation of a wide range of renewable energy resources (RERs) for the first time to the best of the author's knowledge. In this regard, general relations (., energy, exergy, entropy and exergy balance equations along with exergy efficiency, exergetic improvement potential rate and some thermodynamic parameters, such as fuel depletion ratio, relative irreversibility, productivity lack and exergetic factor) used in the analysis are presented first. Next, exergetically analyzed and evaluated RERs include (a) solar energy systems; (a1) solar collector applications such as solar water heating systems, solar space heating and cooling, solar refrigeration, solar cookers, industrial process heat, solar desalination systems and solar thermal power plants), (a2) photovoltaics (PVs) and (a3) hybrid (PV/thermal) solar collectors, (b) wind energy systems, (c) geothermal energy systems, (c1) direct utilization (district heating, geothermal or ground-source heat pumps, greenhouses and drying) and (c2) indirect utilization (geothermal power plants), (d) biomass, (e) other renewable energy systems, and (f) country based RERs. Studies conducted on these RERs are then compared with the previously ones in tabulated forms, while the Grassmann (or exergy flow) diagrams, which are a very useful representation of exergy flows and losses, for some RERs are given. Finally, the conclusions are presented. It is expected that this comprehensive study will be very beneficial to everyone involved or interested in the exergetic design, simulation, analysis and performance assessment of RERs.

Eq cycle review

eq cycle review


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