Eq cycle length

The Adaptive Limiter is a professional look-ahead brickwall peak limiter that is designed for both mixing and mastering now available in the Engineering Suite. It feature Inter Sample Peak (ISP) detection, 4 different limiting “Character” types, LUFS Loudness & K-Metering, as well MP3 codec preview, and real-time dithering. These different limiting types allow the engineer to have control over how transparent or aggressive the limiter behaves so it can be catered for different material making it a great track limiter and a perfect mastering limiter.

Civil Twilight is defined as the sun being 6 deg below the horizon, Nautical Twilight as 12 deg . Therefore, the duration of the twilight depends on how long the sun needs to cross these 12 deg , and this (mainly) depends from the angle the sun circle is tilted towards the planet's "disc". This angle is steep (orthogonal to the planet's disc) at the equator. The further away from the equator the observer is, the flatter the angle becomes, and there are Northern regions in which not the whole twilight cycle is completed. This is the case for all latitudes North of 90 deg -Axis-12 deg = deg .

Attack defines how long it takes to reach maximum compression once a signal exceeds the threshold. The Attack knob’s values are in milliseconds. Release sets how long it takes for the compressor to return to normal operation after the signal falls below the threshold. The Release knob’s values are in seconds. When Release is set to A (Auto), the release time will adjust automatically based on the incoming audio. The Glue Compressor’s Auto Release actually uses two times - a slow one as a base compression value, and a fast one to react to transients in the signal. Auto Release may be too slow to react to sudden changes in level, but generally is a useful way to tame a wide range of material in a gentle way.

Eq cycle length

eq cycle length


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