Eq 8 series 300

Before having owned these two, I had been using the UAD Manley Massive Passive as my main go-to EQ. I used it for most all purposes, and I thought I was well off. In the past, I had demoed these a few times, but barely listen to them.
Then I got an API 512c preamp, and I loved its sound. So, I gave these another try in shootouts against the Massive Passive. They both made me find the Massive Passive to oftentimes be downright muddy in the low end.
The overall character of these — especially the 560 — is exactly as advertised: punchy and tight. Their top end has a specific sheen that takes a lot to get harsh. Heck, they'd be great for mastering, even.
I run a small home studio, and this was the best upgrade I've gotten in a long time.

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The test loop included several fairly tight corners; the Hemi could easily overwhelm the rear tire grip when exiting those corners if not for stability control intervention. And yet in the car’s Sport mode, said intervention was both late and delightfully subtle, permitting a judicious amount of slip and body rotation. This is how all manufacturers that care the least bit about making their cars’ driving experience enjoyable should program such systems. Similar praise is due the programmers of the ZF-licensed Torqueflite 8HP70 transmission’s shift logic. Here again, Sport mode held lower gears when lifting off the throttle and turning into a corner. It pre-emptively downshifted when braking hard into a corner and always seemed to be in the right gear for corner exit. Now that every Gen X or millennial engineer at a car company can be expected to have grown up mastering Xboxes or PlayStations and programming computers, it mystifies me why every transmission with a Sport mode can’t be programmed to shift exactly like this one.

Eq 8 series 300

eq 8 series 300


eq 8 series 300eq 8 series 300eq 8 series 300eq 8 series 300eq 8 series 300