Dangers of low testosterone levels in men

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Thanks so much for the information on Splenda. I have been a heavy user of Splenda (Coffee, on my Oatmeal, other foods that are enhanced with “sugar”, etc.) I have never had problems with dryness of the mouth or significantly chapped lips. Even when I was in the Korean War and slept in foxholes outside where the temperature at times was 20 to 30 degrees below zero, I did not suffer from chapped lips or dryness of the mouth. Lately however, I have encountered a significant dryness of my lips (to the point of splitting and bleeding)and dryness in the front inside of my mouth. Reacting normally to the dry lips, I have tried practically every lip balm on the market; however, while I have enjoyed temporary relief at times, the dryness has returned like clock work. I have been trying to isolate foods/drinks/alcohol/etc. in my diet in an attempt to pinpoint what might be causing this dryness. I have not been able to identify what has been causing my problem. Now, after reading about Splenda (Sucralose) and reading the testimonies of others, I on this day am removing all Splenda from my diet because it is very possible that with my heavy use of Splenda, I have ingested a significant amount of chlorine. I will monitor any changes in the dryness of my mouth and the chapness of my lips and let you know if there have been any relief. Thanks so much for the information on Splenda.

Dangers of low testosterone levels in men

dangers of low testosterone levels in men


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