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Hi! I do kegel exercises for almost 5 weeks and am very pleased with the results. Sex lasting a maximum of 2 minutes the first time, second time and if I was drunk. Now 10 minutes and my penis is hard and get erect faster. I use an app for smarthphone (Kegel Muscle Exerciser). I got to do 13 reps- 6 seconds clench muscle 3 seconds relax -this procedure about 5 times per day-
and I have 2 questions for you:
1 Is too much or is too little? I do 6 days, one day break.
2. How can apply this exercise during sex? I have to do exercises during sex or just before I ejaculate, I don’t know nothing about how and when apply kegels.

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Version (17/7/2017)
New Features -You can now log in. This could be useful if you've created an account on another device or if you created an account during high server load and were stuck.
-You can now press Ctrl + V in message boxes to paste from your clipboard.
-You now have the ability to mute the game in Options, because the Winamp DLL made this impossible through Windows Volume Control.

Changes -Reduced Timed Bomb's explosion hitbox size.

Fixed Bugs -Changing weapons while in Charge Kick makes you slide forever.
-Creating a level offline, then creating an account and uploading that level makes the game think you didn't create the level, preventing you from uploading it.
-Placing Mega Man on spikes (upon spawning) softlocks the game.
-If you put a screw bomber on a ceiling in a vertically scrolling area moving down, they'll appear in the ceiling.
-You move 1 pixel down if you Charge Kick off a cliff.
-If you win while on a ladder, you can still move.
-Pickups still have gravity off-screen.
-Weapon blocks/barriers can reflect Fire Storm shield.
-You can add multiple bosses by placing a party ball, removing it, then adding another boss.
-You cannot vote for a level after playing it through the "Enter ID" menu.
-If you place a lot of water the editor lags a bunch.
-When placing blocks near a closed section border, then opening that border (making it connected) this terrain will not be solid.
-Spawning/transitioning inside a Dust Block makes you get stuck.
-Falling below the map can crash the game.

Can man do

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