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Both Björn Kurtén and Camille Arambourg promoted an Asiatic origin for the species; Kurtén focussed his arguments on the Plio-Pleistocene taxon Crocuta sivalensis from the Siwaliks , [4] a view defended by Arambourg, who nonetheless allowed the possibility of an Indo-Ethiopian origin. [29] This stance was contested by Ficarelli and Torre, who referred to evidence of the spotted hyena's presence from African deposists dating from the early Pleistocene, a similar age to the Asian C. sivalensis . [30] Studies on the phylogeographic distribution of mtDNA haplotypes indicates three migration events from Africa to Eurasia, though neither the topology of the phylogenetic tree or the fossil record exclude the possibility of an Asian origin. The earliest migration of spotted hyenas from Africa to Eurasia began less than million years ago, most probably from the area where the first spotted hyena fossils were discovered, reaching East Asia and most likely also Pakistan . The second migration of spotted hyenas occurred less than – million years ago and resulted in the first arrival of hyenas in Europe and a separation of African spotted hyenas into a southern and a northern population. The third spotted hyena migration took place million years ago, starting from the northern African population and reaching both Europe and Asia. Unlike other African carnivores, with the exception of the leopard , there is no evidence to suggest that spotted hyenas underwent a genetic bottleneck during the Pleistocene. [31]

Nobody likes getting stuck in a rut, but vocal range is rarely a rut! If you are unhappy with the parts you always get assigned, but you can't sustain the notes well enough to sing a different part. You should be able to teach yourself some easy vocal techniques to expand your range. Usually, you will be adding notes to your natural range, in other words, you will develop the ability to sing both alto and soprano, but sometimes you just need to stop singing one in favor of the other, at least until your singing muscles adapt. Just keep in mind that if you can't sing soprano, its ok everyone has a different vocal range. Let's find out how!

Various methods have been used to reduce the amount of jealousy and conflict among wives. These include sororal polygyny, in which the co-wives are sisters; and hut polygyny, in which each wife has her own residence and the husband visits them in rotation. A clear status hierarchy among wives is also sometimes used to avoid fighting by establishing unequivocally each wife's rights and obligations. [35] Although there are several harmful aspects of this practice related to women, there are some reported personal and economic advantages for women such as sharing household and childrearing responsibilities. Also, wives share companionship and support with co-wives. [33]

Can females take testosterone supplements

can females take testosterone supplements


can females take testosterone supplementscan females take testosterone supplementscan females take testosterone supplementscan females take testosterone supplementscan females take testosterone supplements