Boldenon erfahrungen

This is my 3rd or 4th time with Pharmacom orals. I took anavar and halo before (I believe their Dbol as well). Absolutely loved the tbol. Personal fan of tbol in general but this falls right in line with my experience with Pharmacom orals. Sending the blister packages definitely makes me feel confident about the product but more importantly I saw great results. I used about half my supply on a kick start to my most recent cycle. I saw almost instant increases in muscle hardness and density. Strength shot up in about a week of use. Saw an easy 5-10lb gain of strength per lift per week. The back pumps were definitely there and I used taurine tabs to overcome that. I ran this at 50mg per day split into 2-3 doses depending on the day. Love this product as a kick or finisher to any cycle. Was perfect as I used it to increase the strength with out putting excess bloat or weight on (cut cycle).

Alpha Pharma Healthcare’s Boldebolin is presented in 1ml ampules and reportedly contains 250 milligrams of boldenone undecylenate per milliliter according to the label and packaging. Samples of this product were purchased from a European-based internet source between the dates of April 10, 2015 and May 10, 2015. The samples were forwarded and received by the analytical laboratory Simec AG for HPLC-UV testing on May 19, 2015. The quantitative dosage testing report was completed on June 2, 2015. The “batch number” listed on the product was BD1320. The serial number “EEG71934GP” and authentication code “h9zd44LGD” was successfully used to verify the product on check-.

Boldenon erfahrungen

boldenon erfahrungen


boldenon erfahrungenboldenon erfahrungenboldenon erfahrungenboldenon erfahrungen