Best natural way to increase testosterone

More often the answer will be fiddling—finding ways to apply human muscle with the grain of nature, rather than against it, and help it in its inbuilt tendency to recycle things. Human interference in the nitrogen cycle has made far more nitrogen available to plants and animals; it has done much less to help the planet deal with all that nitrogen when they have finished with it. Instead we suffer ever more coastal “dead zones” overrun by nitrogen-fed algal blooms. Quite small things, such as smarter farming and better sewage treatment, could help a lot.

I like to say that I get Kidney stones quite fequently and I have learned how to pass them with ease
1. Yes lots of liquid, primarily water is the key so you can pee.
2. BEER, yes beer high in alcoholic content. Why high in alcohol? To make you drunk and ease the pain and relax your your Muscles is key…. As your muscle incur more pain the tighter your muscles get, hence not relaxing and not allowing stone to pass. Relaxed muscles and a pain killer is the Key and Beer does both quite effectively.
Beer also makes you want to pee more for some reason we all know that even if we are social drinkers. So beer does three great things for you!!!!
3. If in intense Pain Drink two 16 oz beers high in alcohol, fast. Immediately after that you must drink water. I suggest a minimum of 2 quarts and a gallon if you can, yes a gallon within an hour. Drink beer as needed for relaxation and pain.
4. Get a massager…. A thumper/ a pounder massager that pounds you just not vibrates. Walmart has these and there actual name is the thumper. Apply this on painful area, this actually feels good in a weird way. Like getting a masssage after a hard workout.
If you do this I guarantee that you will pass the stone and no doctor visit will be necessary. If you feel a stone coming on start this procedure immediately so that you do not experience that serious pain.
I get these stones in the summer when my body requires more water but I do not feel thirsty. So I forget to drink more water because I am perspiring more in the summer. Along with to much intake of calcium and my body is not breaking down calcium like it did in the younger days.

Best natural way to increase testosterone

best natural way to increase testosterone


best natural way to increase testosteronebest natural way to increase testosteronebest natural way to increase testosteronebest natural way to increase testosteronebest natural way to increase testosterone